MentorShip Program
Thank you for being interested in the WPSS MentorShip Program.  
The following documents will help you gain an understanding of the goals and the process for the program


To positively impact the lives of boaters, new and experienced, by providing support and learning opportunities that promote safe practices while boating.



By providing new boaters with experienced, caring mentors, they will learn skills necessary for safe boating. Mentors will provide concrete examples of safe boating practice and direct mentees to relevant courses. Mentors will provide one-on-one support, for a term of one boating season.



The goal of the mentorship program is to match mentors with mentees, to provide support to potentially new or new boat owners. Mentors will guide mentees in learning the intricacies of owning a boat, including but not exclusive to marine etiquette, storage of boats, and what to do in the off season.

The mentors and mentees are expected to take this commitment seriously, and remain dedicated and true to the goal of boater safety.

Ultimately the program is creating safe boaters, making the waterways safer for all who use it. This aligns with the mission of Windsor Power and Sail Squadron. The program will also create a fellowship within the squadron, and develop pride of membership.